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  1. Making Your Web Apps Accessible Using HTML5 and ChromeVox

    Back in November, I presented twice at the Google Developer Day in Tel-Aviv. The first of those talks has been uploaded, and I spent most of the afternoon transcribing it to post here. I wanted to give the audience (you!) an introduction to screen readers, and to building accessible websites and applications. I think it was pretty successful, and I hope you enjoy it if you watch at home.

  2. GDD Keynote: The HTML5 Demos

    I had the opportunity to present a few demos during the Chrome section of Saturday’s Google Developer Day in Berlin (which, incidentally, was a blast). I expect a video to go up at some point in the vaguely near future, but, since I got more than a few questions about it, I’m throwing the links up here as a stopgap before the video’s released.